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Market Cycle NinjaTrader 8


Market Cycle for NinjaTrader 8,  identifies double tops and bottoms, lower lows, lower highs. And higher highs,  and higher lows. This indicator moves with the price action and identifies trend reversals and is not a laggard. The price labels are plotted before the candle closes.

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Product Description

All our indicators including the Market Cycle NinjaTrader 8 come with Step by Step Manuals and Trading Videos. When you buy an indicator what good is it if you don’t know how to properly use it? All our indicators come with a PDF manual that explains how to install it and use it within the NinjaTrader. Plus there is a video to review on how to trade with the indicator, how we trade with it so you can learn and be consistent in your trading.


We provide free support 24/7 for all our products. Contact us by phone, or email and all emails are answered within 2-4 hours during normal business hours. Any questions contact us were here to help.

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