Trading123 About US

Trading123 is a proud member of the NinjaTrader Ecosystem since 2007. Our indicators and strategy’s are applicable to all global markets and various time frames including minute, daily, tick, volume and renko.

I got involved in the Stock Market after investing in Mutual Funds during the early 80’s and early 90’s. I traded with various professional traders with years of experience when I first started trading at the local Trading Firm. After watching a young trader who barely  was 25 make over 30k in one day, and other days he would make 5k to 10k, now this was during the craze. And stocks routinely had 5-15 point moves.  I wanted to learn what he was doing. So I mentored with him, watching him trade for months always making money.  So after watching and learning from him I developed my own trading style after what I learned from him and applied his methods. Using my own technical analysis, chart patterns, support & resistance, breakouts, and breakdowns.  Back in 2000 there were no really fancy indicators like you have now, support & resistance and volume and moving averages is what traders used.  

 I decided to start my own web site back in January of 2004, first with the daily alerts newsletter and trader mentoring and education to help other traders  in the Stock Market. I then began to train and teach members and others thru mentoring on how to trade the markets daily, based on basic fundamentals, keeping it simple, easy, not overwhelming you with to much info, so the average trader can have success in the market. Trading is based all in the charts and you need a good charting program to learn charts, and basic chart patterns on a day to day basis and have a newer computer to handle the graphics and data feeds. Ran stock and futures chat room from April of 2005 through 2014 we traded stocks and futures each day, all day long, we never traded forex. But sometimes life throws you a curve ball,  I got melanoma skin cancer which was pretty scary, my mind was a mess, couldn’t focus or think straight when you got cancer.  I am cured now, so you have to take a look at life, and running a chat room all day, I no longer wanted to do.  

I have recently traded the Flash & Debt Crash from the move down and back up, I bought the lows in some of my favorite stocks, and watched rally several points going into the end of the day. Traded during the great Internet dot come era, when stocks would go up 5-14 points a day, EBAY, QCOM, and TASR was a favorite, and also traded the crash where all the over bloated stocks sank quickly, and the recent housing bubble and market meltdown with the banking crisis, I remember CFC sank from the mid 30’s to the single digits.  So I have been there and experienced it all, in my trading career, I have been there and done that, and can trade any type of market long or short.

Before I got into trading, I was a licensed Detective by the Michigan State Police for 25 years. I loved the job, I got involved in all aspects of investigations from Fraud, Missing Persons, undercover work, criminal cases, I was a surveillance specialist. I did surveillance for 12 years.  It was an exciting and rewarding job but every thing gets old once you done it so long. So I started to get more involved in trading, learning how to be successful. In my career I had specialized training in interviewing, how to read a person, profiling,  tell if there lying. Still to this day I can read anyone like a book by just talking to them.  

I have been working on and programming computers since 1990, self taught programmer, and back in 2004 developed some of our first trading indicators. They have been custom designed by me and our programmers to identify trade setups, it makes our trading more easier and consistent. The thing that really improved my trading was the development of the Trading123 Pivots, I had more success, trading the levels, instead of just getting scalp trades all day. With the pivots you know where the price action is going to go. When I started with the Trading123 Pivots AMZN and AAPL were both under $100 stocks. Price would run up to the R5 pivot which is the potential high of the day, and price would stop right there. And on sell offs, price would run right down to the S5 and reverse. So using pivots I started to know where the price was going and that led to being a successful trader.   

In trading you have  to learn how to make $100 before you make $500.

Best Regards,

Patrick-Head Trader