Squeeze Indicator Ninjatrader

Catch the Big Moves with the Squeeze Indicator

Squeeze Indicator for Ninjatrader captures breakouts and big moves by plotting red dots on the zero line. The vertical momentum bars plot green for uptrend and red for the downtrend. Squeeze indicator works great as a trade filter, and momentum indicator.

Squeeze Indicator works on any market worldwide, and on any time frame. We use it in 2 and 5-minute time frames. Trade alerts tell you right when the squeeze/coiled spring is on.  Same patterns repeat day after day with the squeeze indicator. Trading with momentum and the squeeze indicator can increase your consistency as a trader.

Green vertical momentum bars above or below the zero line the trend is up. Ride the trend until red momentum bar appears.

Red vertical momentum bars above or below the zero line the trend is down.

Longer the red dots of the squeeze indicator are on the zero line bigger the move.

Squeeze Indicator manual in PDF explains how to fully use the indicator for longs or short trades.

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squeeze indicator

All our ninjatrader indicators come with free volume indicators and out color-coded moving average trend which is deadly accurate. Also, all indicators come with our PDF on the two moving averages we use to be consistent in the market each day. They act as support and resistance and price action follows them.

All our indicators come with Step by Step Manuals and Trading Videos. When you buy an indicator what good is it if you don’t know how to properly use it? All our indicators come with a PDF manual that explains how to install it and use it with the NinjaTrader platform. Plus there is a video to review on how to trade with the indicator, how we trade it.

Squeeze Indicator

Catch the Breakouts with the Squeeze Indicator

squeeze indicator
ninjatrader indicators

Squeeze Indicator Ninjatrader

Catch the Big Moves with the Squeeze Indicator

Catch the Breakouts Before they happen

squeeze indicator

Classic squeeze alert red dots on zero line and up we go to new highs. Green vertical momentum bars shows a strong move so stay long.

Squeeze Indicator – With Trade Alerts-Long & Short

ninjatrader indicators

With our squeeze indicator, new trade alerts trigger when a squeeze is on. Trade alerts on the chart above for a squeeze alert down, and later a squeeze alert for a trade long. The squeeze alerts are time stamped.

Trading123 Indicators !

Long or short trade alerts get you in the trade.

Sqeeeze Indicator

  • East to use and learn, works on all time frames
  • Once the colors paint on chart they stay, no changing colors
  • Very accurate and powerful indicator takes all the stress out of trading
  • Color coded bars green trend is up, red the trend is down
  • Trade alerts inform you when a squeeze is on
  • Software measures order flow, no when buyers or sellers are in control
  • Free volume and color moving average indicator with purchase
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