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Fibonacci indicator NinjaTrader 8

Fibonacci Pivots NinjaTrader 8


Fibonacci Pivots for NinjaTrader 8 automatic Fibonacci pivots take all the guess work as to were the price action is going. The automatic Fibonacci pivots are precisely more accurate than any lagging indicator. The automatic Fibonacci pivots moves with the price action automatically and you never have to worry about drawing them correctly. Trade any futures, crude oil, emini, forex any markets worldwide. Trading has never been simpler with our automatic Fibonacci pivots you will be able to see were the price action is going. Easy to use and read, levels work for the entire day. No were the price is going to go from one level to next. 

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Product Description

Trade the automatic Fibonacci pivots know matter what the market range. Levels are labeled right on the chart, you have Daily Support- Daily Open all key areas the market moves off. Then you have 5 automatic Fibonacci pivots that trade each and every day, and these patterns repeat. Our online video course that comes with the software will teach you how to trade these levels. All trading firms use Fibonacci pivots in there trading and program trading. Trading with automatic Fibonacci pivots is a tool every trader should have in there tool box to be a successful trader. The software is very accurate in drawing the levels each day for you, so no second guessing and they are accurate to the tick. 

The Software Features:

  • Automatically draws the Fibonacci Levels
  • Identifies Daily Support and Open
  • Indentifies Daily High and Low
  • Five levels of Fibonacci numbers
  • 78.6 and 61.8 are key levels
  • Free lifetime updates for NinjaTrader 8


Fibonacci indicator for NinjaTrader 8


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