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Restrictions of Use

If you as a customer have purchased any materials from Trading123.Net you are forbidden from republishing, sharing, copying, selling, licensing, uploading, rebranding, unlocking or reproducing them. Any purchase of any software code, trading manuals, or DVD’s may not be incorporated into any competitors product code, web site, or trading systems or strategies.


We accept payments by paypal that is truly trusted and secure service we have used for over past 8 years and have not had one issue with fraud with them, its 100% safe and secure. Wire transfers are another method of payment, just contact us for more info on how to do a wire transfer. Payment can also be made by check, once funds cleared software or item purchased will be sent. All software sales are final there are no refunds.


Refund Policy

There are no refunds or exchanges on all purchases of software, mentoring or DVD’s. Since our products are offered online for download, once payment is captured, ALL SALES are FINAL. Trading123.Net does not offer a refund or exchange of our software, online videos or educational materials for any reason. Deciding you do not like the product or changed your mind does not entitle you to a refund. Failure to be aware of our refund policy does not qualify you for a refund. You are responsible for viewing our disclaimer.



TRADING123.NET  and its owners are not liable for any losses, monetary or otherwise, that result from the use of our software or educational materials. Please realize the risk with any investment and consult investment professionals before proceeding. Subscriber accepts all liability for the outcome of there trading results. No trading system or methodology has ever been developed that can guarantee profits on a daily basis, or prevent losses.    Remember that investing can be risky and past results are not a guarantee of future returns. TRADING123.NET is neither an investment firm, adviser, brokerage, brokerage dealer or financial planner or adviser. Information provided in our web site is made to members or investors in general and without regard to your investment goals, financial circumstances, investment background and your abilities towards investing or trading abilities. You must fully understand the risks that go along with trading strategies.  And there are no guarantees in trading.


Software Products & Warranty

Trading123.Net warrants that all software purchased from our web site and furnished to the purchaser by electronic download will be free of any defects and workmanship under normal use. Our programmers will fix and repair any bugs within a reasonable time period. If for any reason the files of any software are found to be defective within 30 days of downloading the software, will replace any corrupted software, and work with the purchaser to resolve any issues. If we cannot resolve on our end, the purchaser will have to contact Ninja Trader software support and have them look at there trace and log files to fix the problem. Sometimes there could be a conflict with the users computer settings that may cause an issue. All software has been tested and in fine working order before it is sent. All our software products are distributed and licensed as is. Note: Failure to trade successfully using any of our products done not warrant a defect or bug in the product. The customer must determine to there extent, the use of the software and if its suitable to there level of trading. There are no warranties, guarantees or promises of any kind as to their performance, as each trader has a different level of education so no guarantees can be made that you will get the same results we do. In no event shall Trading123 be accountable for any or all financial losses or costs from the use of any of are software.


Last updated 1/20/2017